What is a Life Care Plan?

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Who and What are Life Care Planners?

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Who uses Life Care Plan?

Life Care Planners are baccalaureate degree professionals with advanced post-graduate study in life care planning.

  • Insurance companies 
  • Attorneys 
  • Caregivers 
  • Health Care Agencies 
  • Financial Planners 
  • Patients or those afflicted with chronic illness or disability 

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A Life Care Plan is a dynamic document based upon published standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, data analysis, and research, which provides an organized, concise plan for current and future needs with associated costs, for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injury or have chronic health care needs.


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  • Have a clear, concise framework for current and future care needs 
  • Help allocate funds through life expectancy 
  • Prevent negative outcomes or complications 
  • Ensure proper management of valuable resources 
  • Improve understanding of current health condition 
  • Optimize health & wellness 
  • Detailed review of available resources 
  • Because the quality of your life is worth it 

Why Have a Life Care Plan?