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She is a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Care Trainer (CADDCT) & Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners NCCDP

NCCDP and trainers provide seminars in Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care throughout the United States. Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDPs) are specialty trained professionals who can assist with planning, coordination and care management for individuals with cognitive impairment and their families. 

Jennifer Crowley is an experienced health care professional with multiple accreditations and intensive specialty training. 

​​​​​​​NCCDDP Alzheimer’s disease & Dementia Care Seminar Info:

  • One full day or two half days or custom scheduling for private groups
  • Continuing Education credit, up to 7 hours for most disciplines
  • Required training which must be completed to apply to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner through the NCCDP.
  • $150 per person, custom pricing may be available for private groups or host agencies

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Jennifer is a Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP) through the International Commission on Health Care Certification. She is a long term care planning specialist and has testified in the court of law on numerous occasions for the current and future care needs of those with complex chronic health needs or those who have suffered catastrophic injury. She offers private and group experiences focusing on the method for considering all the important steps when designing a long term care plan.

7 Steps to Long Term Care Planning©

This is a step by step process for working through difficult conversations and developing a road map for aging. This is appropriate for professionals, community members, and individuals. When applied to the individual or family, the process is centered on the needs and wants of the person and considers all impacting variables for the design of a customized long term care plan. The comprehensive process is explained in simple terms to help guide participants through decision-making. This method promotes informed decision-making and completion of goals for more positive outcomes.

7 Steps to Long-Term Care Planning Info:

  • Small groups
  • Individuals and Families
  • Professionals
  • 1-3 hours for completion
  • Proven Methodology
  • Average cost: $130.00 for private session, custom pricing may be available for private groups or host agencies

For inquires, call Jennifer directly at 406-212-0620